New golf courses

New golf courses

Westenborg Golf Design offers the full range of golf course architectural services; from inception to completion.
We work independently but a whole range of experienced consultants are essential to the success of new and renovated golf course – topographical surveyors, planning consultants, agronomists, ecologists, irrigation consultants, civil engineers, 3D images/fly-through’s and of course the golf course constructor and the highly skilled job of dozer and excavator shapers.
During our years in the golf industry I have developed close relationships with all necessary consultants worldwide – there is no corner of the earth where Westenborg Golf Design cannot design and project manage the construction of a great golf course.


When new golf courses are involved, initial contact is to meet you, the client, inspect and report on the land and its feasibility.
There is no question that the land will be feasible. It makes no odds if it is the side of a mountain or in the middle of the ocean – modern day construction equipment and civil engineering can deal with practically any circumstance.  All that is required is the requisite area of land (minimum 120 acres) and a budget that can conquer all obstacles.
Our job initially is not to decide the golf courses feasibility, but to advice you on what can be achieved. The likely length/par of the course, the most appropriate style/type of the golf course for the land, approximate construction costs and finally exactly what and who is required to progress the project.

Our first visit and report outlining the above is free of charge; I only ask for my travel expenses to be covered if travelling overseas.

The design team

Following commission, Westenborg Golf Design takes control and can, if required, manage the project from inception to the first tee shot (hopefully straight down the middle by you, the client)
Every project is different and Westenborg Golf Design can adapt and provide accordingly; from joining an already ensembled team, to bringing together the necessary consultants.


Depending on the project, the masterplan can vary hugely. From a relatively simple sketch illustrating the golf course layout, from an immensely detailed plan illustrating new holiday resorts or real estate developments.
Whatever the situation, Westenborg Golf Design works closely with all relevant consultants in the plans development.

Detailed Design and construction

We always prepare detailed designs of the golf course. They illustrate the final shape, location and style of all golf course features.
However, critically, the detailed design is never the finished product. The designs are important for calculation of quantities and the subsequent schedule of quantities, budgets, construction financial management and the forming the approximate shape and style of the golf course.
However drawings will never adequately illustrate the finer subtleties of shape and site supervision is therefore vital to the success of the golf course. We enjoy nothing more than working with the excavator or dozer shapers finalising and fine tuning the finished product. Only when on site is it possible to determine if a mound or hollow needs to be adjusted in shape, lowered or raised or create the slightest of ripples on a green or the location of a bunker shifted slightly.
Westenborg Golf Design puts a strong emphasise on this important process of design and will always visit construction sites as regularly and for as long as necessary to ensure that the completed product is exactly how it should be.

After project care

A golf course, even a brand new one, never stops evolving. No golf course is perfect first time round; it is simply not possible to accurately predict every single shot on the golf course, blade of grass location or maintenance issue.
Once open for a year or so, more often or not any issues become obvious and adjustments at times to the strategy, shaping or maintenance aspects of the golf holes require adjustments.
In order to pinpoint these areas Westenborg Golf Design always ensures we stay in close contact with the Club, prepare annual reports and generally ensure the evolving of the golf course occurs in line with the overall style and concept envisaged for the golf course.