Existing Golf Courses

Existing Golf Courses


A great proportion of golf courses in the UK, Europe, design and playability wise, can be much improved. We are not referring to their quality of maintenance, (although often this is also an issue), but the architectural values of the golf course.
Golf course features; bunkers, greens, tees, landscaping, are often in a state of disrepair, poorly positioned, and suffer from unimaginative and poor design, lost styles and the ever present Health & Safety issues.
This does not only refer to older golf courses, but also relatively new courses often very unprofessional designed by their owner, the local golf pro or even the well renowned “Captains or Presidents bunker”
Westenborg Golf Design has extensive experience in the preparation of audit report that dissect the golf course, examining in detail each component of a hole and offering recommendations, along with sketches, photo montages and construction costs.
The reports form the foundation for long term planning in the form of restorations/ renovations and the consequent improvement of the golf course and its popularity.

Similarly to new golf courses, Westenborg Golf Design, depending on the extent of work, can assemble the necessary team required to carry out the work.

Audit Reports

Westenborg Golf Design has prepared in the region of 30 audit reports for golf courses throughout the world. Most golf courses require these reports to develope a long term plan for the golf course.


The audit reports are often the catalyst to the start of renovation projects on the golf course.


Restoration projects differ to “renovations” in that in this instance, we are returning the golf course to its original style. More often than not this involves work to the bunkers that are most susceptible to change over the years. The work involves extensive research; going through the Clubs records and pictures to as accurately as possible determine the original style and concepts of the golf course. Knowledge of the original architects philosphies is also essential.