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Curriculum Vitae

Marc Nicholas Westenborg
5 Balterley Court, Balterley, CW2 5SB, United Kingdom
Mobile - (00 44) 0780 3070709. Home – (00 44) 1270 821242

Profile: A creative Golf Course Architect with extensive experience as the lead designer of both new build golf courses and major restorations and renovations. Acknowledged as a mature, effective, conscientious, knowledgeable professional with excellent people management, networking and project leadership skills who understands, respects and appreciates all areas of golf course architecture.

Key Skills:
• Creative, original and sensible golf course architectural skills
• Expertise in existing golf course audits, renovation and restoration
• Expertise in the sensitive management of internal politics within golf club committees
• Experience in the processes required to achieve planning permission for new golf courses
• Project management and supervision skills during the construction process with the flexibility required to meet budgets and timescales
• Particular sensitivity to the environment and the use of golf courses to enhance the ecological value of sites
• The ability to use my knowledge and experience in golf course construction, greenkeeping and quantity surveying needed within the field of golf course architecture
• Especially adept and instinctive when working with shapers on site forming the final finish of the golf course
• The drive and capability to secure and nurture new clients and projects
• Excellent communication and people management skills

Employment History

1998 to date   Golf Course Architect
Hawtree Limited

During fourteen years with Hawtree Limited, I have represented Martin Hawtree worldwide. The firm is respected globally as one of the leading names in golf course architecture and on behalf of it, I have led many high profile new developments and renovation projects, combining modern ideas with the traditional style of design for which Hawtree is renowned.

My particular expertise lies in:
• Marketing and securing new work
• Client management
• Auditing and evaluation
• Construction and tender documentation
• Master planning and working with planners
• Fee proposal, contract and budget management
• Detailed design and construction drawings
• Presentations
• Project leadership and management on site
• Post construction care
• Microsoft word and AutoCAD

My key achievements as lead designer with sole responsibility include:

New Build Golf Courses
2011 Beijing, China 18 holes
2010 Cobh, Ireland 18 holes
2009 Rockliffe Hall, UK 18 holes
2007 Dun Laoghaire, Eire             27 holes
2003 Gorstyhill, UK 18 holes
2001 Carrick-on-Shannon, Eire   9 holes

Major Renovations
2010 Cork, Eire 18 hole tee and bunker renovation
2009 Tat Beach, Turkey 27 hole bunker and tee renovation
2003 Dooks, Eire 18 hole green, tee & bunker renovation
2002 Blainroe, Eire 18 hole green, tee & bunker renovation
2001 Chislehurst, UK 18 hole bunker renovation

My key achievements as assistant designer include:

New Build Golf Courses
2012 Trump Intl, Scotland 18 holes
2006 Mazury, Poland 18 holes
2002 Wychwood Park, UK 18 holes
2000 Vilamoura, Portugal 18 holes

Major Renovations
2010 Royal Liverpool, UK 18 hole green, tee & bunker renovation
2008 Hong Kong 54 hole green, tee & bunker renovation
2005 Royal Dublin, Eire 18 hole green, tee & bunker renovation
2004 Lahinch, Eire 18 hole green, tee & bunker renovation

Other achievements with Hawtree Ltd

• I appeared on the television programme “How Do They Do It” which aired on Channel 5 and The Discovery Channel. I was interviewed and filmed for the day on-site at Rockliffe Hall, describing the processes behind golf course design and construction.

• Shortlisted down to the final eight contestants for the commission to design the Rio 2016 Olympic golf course.

• Senior Member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects.

1998 Golf Course Construction Supervisor
McCurrach Golf Construction, USA

1997 Assistant Golf Course Architect
Gleneagles Golf Developments

1997 Green keeper
Gleneagles Golf Club

1996 Green keeper
Oxfordshire Golf Club

1994-5 Council Tax Recovery Officer
Aylesbury Vale District Council

1989-1994 Quantity Surveyor
Aylesbury Vale District Council

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Higher National Diploma in Golf Course Management
Reaseheath College, Nantwich, Cheshire (1998)

Top Student - Golf Course Management
Reaseheath College, Nantwich, Cheshire (1998)

Winner of the “Gleneagles Excellence in Golf” award scheme
Gleneagles Golf Club, Scotland (1997)¬

National Diploma in Quantity Surveying
Oaklands College, St Albans (1993)

Senior Member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects

A levels O levels
2 A Level. St Clements Danes 5 O-Levels. St Clement Danes
School, Chorleywood, Herts (1989) School, Chorleywood, Herts (1987)

I am married with two sons. I take an interest in most sports particularly golf (handicap 10), squash and cricket.
My work with Hawtree Ltd has involved extensive travel and I have thoroughly enjoyed the resulting experiences, challenges and diversity of work.


Dr Martin Hawtree
Hawtree Ltd
5 Oxford St
Woodstock, OX20 1TQ
00 44 1993 811976

Mr Warwick Brindle
Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa
00 44 07801068023

Mr Mick Lynch
Cobh Golf Club
Co. Cork
00 353 87 9191286

Mr Paul Mcgrath, (Dun Laoghaire GC)
Cosgrave Properties
15 Hogan Place, Grand Canal St,
00 353 87 2386132

Mr Declan Mangan
Dooks Golf Club
Co. Kerry
00 353 87 6386705

Roles and Responsibilities

• All Golf Course Architectural roles including:

Audit reports• Audit reports for golf courses. Visiting the golf courses and meeting key committee members in order to develop a comprehensive report on the golf course, outlining recommendations for approval which would include all golf course features, health & safety issues, potential extension/re-routing of golf holes and maintenance issues.

• Preparation of masterplans for golf course developments, including recommendation for location of real estate and hotels. Working in conjunction with urban and hotel architects to develop and finalise the masterplan. Presentation of masterplan options to the client.

• Working with planners and consultants in the preparation of planning applications including ecologists, environmentalists, engineers and others required to develop the detailed planning applications demanded. Also providing necessary input into the environmental impact assessment and bulk earthworks designs.

• Working closely with 3D consultants in the development of fly-throughs sometimes required for presentation to clients and planners.

Construction drawings
• All detailed design and construction drawings ranging from single bunker renovation to complete new-build golf courses. Illustrating location, size and shape of all golf course features and their detailed earthworks designs as well as landscaping and civil engineering aspects of the projects.

Construction & tender documentation
• Quantification of designs, preparation of schedules of quantities, construction and agronomic specifications and tender documentation. All consultations required in the commissioning of a golf course contractor, tender documentation and contract administration.

Project management
• On-site supervision, working with the shapers to finalise shaping of all golf course features, on-field adjustments, checking of construction specifications, project and financial management including valuations, site reports and continuous liaison with consultants and clients.

Post construction
• Final accounts, marking-out of grassing lines and bunker edges, attending opening events including interviews and site visits with the press. Preparation of annual reports outlining the progress of new developments and any necessary adjustments that may be required.

• One of my key roles for Hawtree Ltd, apart from golf course architectural roles, has been responding to enquiries for our services, meeting with potential clients, marketing of our services, capabilities and experience, development of fee proposals, contracts and budgets. Nurturing project proposals through to commission.

• Representing Hawtree Ltd at conferences including the KPMG business forums in Turkey and Wales. Attending industry shows some of which included the preparation of display stands.

• Accumulation of many industry contacts.

Key Projects as Lead Architect

New build Golf Courses

• Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, Ireland.
The project involved the relocation of Dun Laoghaire Golf Club to a new site financed by a developer who planned to re-develop their existing site. Predominately due to safety concerns, the existing Harry Colt course’s future was uncertain so, following several presentations to the membership, relocation to a new 27 hole golf course with the highest possible specification was agreed.
The project was complex due to strict environmental considerations as the site bordered a Natural Heritage Area. This affected options for drainage requiring the capacity to attenuate 100 year storms. The drainage programme had to use wetland technology, archaeological relics had to be protected and rain water harvesting was required as the irrigation water source. The club’s brief was to move into a golf course with a very early sense of maturity which was challenging since the most of the site was treeless with limited topographical interest.
Solving these problems required extensive earthworks, wall-to-wall irrigation, intensive drainage and robust landscaping. The civil element of the design including flood attenuation, drainage, buggy paths, wetlands, large lakes and aeration was also complex. A further challenge was caused by the glut of consultants representing the club and the developer, requiring my careful management.
My involvement spanned all aspects of the project lasting more than three years of continuous activity.
Padraig Harrington is a member the course is ranked 55 in Ireland and is hosting the Curtis Cup in 2014.

9th hole. Dun Laoghaire Golf Course - Ireland.
• Rockliffe Hall Golf Club, England.
Rockliffe Hall is the development of a high quality 18 hole golf course and the accompanying renovation of a derelict hall into a 5 star hotel and spa. The developer is the chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club.
I was involved with the early development of the concept, planning, layouts, detailed construction drawings, the tender procedure, on site supervision and project management.
The hotel and golf course is now considered the finest in the North East of England. The course is already hosting regional competitions and the Trilby Tour and has designs to eventually host a major European Tour event.
The English golfer, Graeme Storm, is the club’s professional.

9th hole. Rockliffe Hall Golf Club - England.

• Beijing Golf Club, China.
This project was secured during a visit to the Chinese Golf Show in 2011. The client brief was for a typical links-style golf course. Fortunately, the sandy soil and treeless nature of the site suited the brief and six weeks after the initial meeting, and some frenetic design work on my part, construction commenced.
Irish shapers were employed to carry out the detailed shaping and by September 2012 all major earthworks had been carried out and detailed shaping of nine holes was complete with drainage and irrigation.
The project has been delayed by Chinese Government restrictions.

• Cobh Golf Club, Ireland.
As with Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, this project involved the relocation of a golf course; this time from a 9 hole facility to a new 18 hole lay-out financed entirely by the Club and hence with a restricted budget.
My involvement included presentation of my masterplan to the membership and full responsibility for all aspects of the planning process, layouts, design, tendering procedure and construction management.
The total area of available land was just 115 acres and a portion of the land was steep. However, a spacious course of good length was laid-out to the great satisfaction of the membership.

4th hole. Cobh Golf Club - Ireland.

• Trump International Golf Links Scotland
This was a very high profile project and included in-depth liaison with environmental consultants to develop the ecological concept of the project and ensure minimal impact and criticism. I prepared the majority of the plans including earthworks and habitat translocation.
I was heavily involved with the preparation of the case for the public enquiry that resulted after the initial refusal of planning permission.
The golf course achieved 8th place in the top 100 golf courses in the UK and Ireland even before it had officially opened.




• Gorstyhill Golf Club, England.
The development of this course followed closely behind the Wychwood Park golf course across the road for which I was an assistant designer. Gorstyhill was designed as a members’ golf course and intended to be relatively easy compared to the ‘championship’ status of the Wychwood Park course The majority of the design work involved the construction of 18 green and tee complexes with some fairway bunkering. The budget did not allow for major fairway earthworks so the routing of the course had to make best use of the land available.

1st hole. Gorstyhill Golf Club -England

• Carrick-on-Shannon Golf Club, Ireland.
This was a 9 hole extension to the existing 9 hole course into a beautiful but poorly drained and environmentally complicated area of land bordering the River Boyle. Following several presentations to the members and numerous meetings with the planning authority, the extension commenced in April 2002 and despite one of Ireland’s wettest summers, the course opened in August 2003. My designs were essentially greens and tee complexes with the occasional fairway bunker. As with Gorstyhill GC, Carrick-on-Shannon is a testament to how golf courses can be constructed on relatively low budgets if good use of land is made.

6th hole. Carrick-on-Shannon Golf Club – Ireland.

Major renovations

• Dooks Golf Club, Ireland.
This project was a complete renovation of all 18 holes over a period of five winters between 2003 and 2008. The work included 16 new greens, some close to their existing locations and some in completely new locations. All 18 tee complexes and bunkers were renovated in a similar vein to the green complexes.
The initial brief was to recommend measures to solve their 1st hole safety problems and recommend uses for land between the 15th, 16th and 17th holes. However I realised the huge potential of the golf course and developed a masterplan for its renovation and updating of all 18 holes.
My role involved yearly presentations to the member at EGM’s, detailed designs, site reports, tenders, construction management and weekly supervision visits during construction.
Following the work the course moved from outside the top 100 ranked courses in Ireland to its current position of 33.

New 3rd hole. Dooks Golf Club - Ireland

• Royal Liverpool (Hoylake)
Close involvement in the detailed design and supervision of construction work required to prepare the golf course for the Open Championship in 2014.
The work included several new championship tees, a new 17th green, re-shaping and relocating bunkers, renovation of green surrounds and consultation with the R&A throughout.


• Cork Golf Club (Little Island), Ireland.
The original Mackenzie features had been eroded over time. Following several reports and presentations, under my direction an 18 hole bunker restoration was carried out forming features more akin to the Mackenzie philosophies and style. One new green and 15 new tee complexes were also constructed on the golf course. I also instigated an examination of the landscaping of the golf course, encouraging the club to remove numerous trees that had gradually altered the concept of the course.

10th Hole. Cork Golf Club - Ireland

• Chislehurst Golf Course, England
Following an audit report, an 18 hole bunker renovation was carried out designed and supervised by me. This initially involved a presentation to the club for approval.

• Blainroe Golf Club, Ireland
Blainroe Golf Course was designed by Fred Hawtree in 1975. Following a report outlining recommendations to invigorate the Hawtree designs and philosophies and the club’s desire to have USGA greens, all 18 holes and their features were reconstructed over a period of 5 years under my design and direction.




• Hong Kong Golf Club, China.
Following a detailed audit report of all three 18 hole golf courses I am currently involved in the design and implementation of our recommendations. Work to date includes extension of the driving range, new pitching, putting and bunker greens, new 17th holes and renovations to the 9th (Old Course) and 8th (New Course) holes.

New 17th Hole (New course) – Hong Kong

• Tat Beach Golf Club, Turkey.
Originally designed and constructed by Hawtree Ltd in 1994 the course had been neglected over the years and had fallen behind the top quality new golf courses being constructed in the Antalya area. Over the past few years I have designed and supervised the renovation of all 27 holes, including bunkers, all tee complexes (work in progress) and three new greens. I also recommended a comprehensive re-examination and implementation of scrub removal between holes.

New 1st hole. Tat Beach Golf Course. Turkey.

Other achievements

• I worked extensively in Brazil in the sourcing and nurturing of possible new projects, visiting the country several times with trade missions.
I prepared several masterplans but the main success was the commission to design an 18 hole golf course on an area of land in Rio de Janeiro involving a masterplan, earthworks designs, schedule of quantities and specifications for the project and the securing of planning permission.
Circumstances changed when Rio was awarded the Olympic games and a new golf course was required to host the return of golf to the Olympics. The project changed hands and control was given to the Olympic Committee. This resulted in Hawtree Ltd having to bid for the project again. I led the team in a very complicated “Request for Proposal” process. Hawtree Ltd was chosen as one of the 8 finalists out of 26 submissions. The comprehensive submission of Phase 2 involved my preparing full working drawings, earthworks, landscaping, drainage, irrigation and schedule of quantities and presenting our ideas to the Olympic Golf Course Jury and The PGA Tour.


Minor additions, renovations or extensions
• Bromsgrove GC - New putting green and 2nd hole.
• Ipswich GC - New practice facility (putting green,
chipping green and pitching range)
• Roe Park GC - Three new greens and two renovated holes;
tee to green.
- Three new practice holes.
• Kinsale GC - Three new holes.
• Market Rasen GC - Three new holes and two new green
• Long Ashton - One new hole.
• Erewash GC - Ten new green complexes.
• Belvoir GC - New bunkering and green complexes

Audit Reports
• Delamere Forest GC
• Bolton GC
• Inglestre Park GC
• Oswestry GC
• Rhuddlan GC
• Strandhill GC
• Shanklin & Sandown GC
• Woodbrook GC
• Malkins Bank GC
• Lilleshall Golf Club
• Knebworth Park Golf Club
• Sheringham Golf Club
• Whitsand Bay Golf Club
• Raffeen Creek Golf Club
• The Grange Golf Club
• Bray Golf Club