Relaxing the golf dress code


Relaxing the golf dress code

Relaxing the golf dress code

A few months ago I attended GolfBIC where one of the subjects discussed was if relaxing dress code would help promote golf? Here are my views on the subject.

Relaxing the dress code in golf
I recently attended GOLF BIC (Business Industry Conference) where one of the subjects was the growing the game of golf - will relaxing the dress code encourage more golfers into the game?

I’m a little old fashioned on this subject. All sports effectively have uniforms of sort. Cricketers wear white in Test cricket, footballers and rugby players have a kit, etc., so why should golf be any different? Surely finding a pair of trousers and a collared shirt cannot be that difficult?

I’ve played golf in a pair of jeans before and it’s actually not particularly comfortable; their material tends to inhibit the movement of your legs and how many golfers would really like to see the golfers at Augusta playing in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans? It would be a bit like watching the England Test side playing in jeans – it just would not be right.

However, I think we have to be realistic. The rule of shorts down to the top of the knees and socks up to the bottom of the knees is well and truly outdated – a smart pair of shorts and socks would be fine. I think tops without collars are also fine just so long as the t-shirt is smart.

It also depends on the type of golf course. The local “pay and play” can be more relaxed; perhaps in those circumstances jeans are okay, however any half decent golf course I believe the golfers should be reasonably smart, reflecting the history and traditions of the game.

We have to grow the game of golf; make sure it’s accessible to all. However at the same time, we do need to maintain the quality and high standards of our famous game.