Last year I completed a bunker renovation project at Zagaleta Golf Club, along with a new green complex and re-profiling of many of the green surrounds.

2018Apr 10
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Bunker renovations

Please click on the link to read my article on how money can eventually be saved if bunker renovations are carried out. If professionally carried out, initial costs can be high, but there are long-term positive effects on sustainability.

Relaxing the golf dress code

A few months ago I attended GolfBIC where one of the subjects discussed was if relaxing dress code would help promote golf? Here are my views on the subject.

Lost Ball Finders

A recent debate at the European Institute of Golf Course Architects AGM about whether “ball finders” should be legalised?


A recent debate at the European Institute of Golf Course Architects AGM discussing the pro’s and con’s of exceptionally undulating greens raised some interesting points.

Losing out to the Maintenance Crew

Golf Course Architect v Golf Course Managers
I recently lost yet another possible project. The maintenance crew will be carrying out the renovations. It can be frustrating at times. Here is a blog about my thought on the matter.

Today’s Golfer discussion

Westenborg Golf has just taken part in a “round table” discussion arranged by Today’s Golfer magazine along with two other architects to discuss and debate Augusta National and the upcoming Masters. Look out for the results of the discussion in the March issue.

2013Jan 08
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